May 132015

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) announces the launch of the Course ‘Introduction to Steel’. The course, developed by TenarisUniversity together with steeluniversity, aims to provide students with an understanding of the history, science, technology and uses of steel by society. The course starts on 2 June 2015 and registration is now open.


This online learning programme is hosted on the edX platform and open to all free of charge. It is comprised of a four-hour framework which will run for two weeks. It will be available in English. The course features the basics of steel melting, the properties and origins of steel, its relationship with society and the sustainability of a world underpinned by steel. It also provides interactive features to support community interactions between students and the professor.


Dec 202012

In October 2012 the AFTA Training Campaign was launched. It has been directed to Engineers and Architects Associations, Technical Faculties and Professional Training Centres and proposses free training workshops which can be adapted to each centre.

As a summary of this concluding year, a brief photo gallery of the workshops is offered. Should you be interested in receiving a training session, please contact us to set a date and to establish the contents

Instituto Meka Elgoibar

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Noviembre de 2012

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