Apr 212016

European Steel Day 2016 will take place on 21 April 2016 from 9:00 till 14:30 at the Concert Noble in Brussels. The theme of this year’s event is: “Building a future as strong as steel”.


This high-level conference will address the key issues facing the European steel industry today, as well as addressing how the industry can prosper in the coming decades.

Hosted by the European Steel Association (EUROFER), key speakers will include key policy makers, top industry executives and vital stakeholder representatives.

Issues that will specifically be addressed include a panel on the Revision of the European Union Emissions Trading System, with another panel focusing on the issues raised by China’s slowing economic performance in the context of the debate surrounding Market Economy Status for that country.

May 122014

On 15 May in Brussels, the leaders of the most influential European Steel Companies will discuss amongst others about  competitiveness in Europe, where energy costs are shooting up, whereas elsewhere in the world Energy prices are declining. While the European steel industry is under threat today, climate change policy demands tons of steel for renewable generation.

“How can European policy makers develop a more balanced energy and climate policy to preserve Europe´s industrial competitiveness up to 2050?”

You can download the programme through the following link. Further information in Eurofer website.

May 302013

From AFTA, we link hereby the 2012 annual reports of the main Standard and Steel Associations, which are normally published these days.


AENOR Report 2012: Annual report of the Spanish Standardization Association.

– DIN Report: the most relevant standardization works carried out in Germany during 2012.

ISO Report

Steel Associations

Eurofer shows its analyse from the last year.

Worldsteel Association: offers its point of view.

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