Oct 022015

ISO has published the new version of the ISO 9001. It is the world’s most widely used technical standard: 1,130,000 organisations from 187 countries hold the certificate.


The ISO 9001 is used by all types of companies and organisations, both public and private, of all sizes and from all sectors of activity; it is the internationally recognised means of demonstrating a commitment to quality. This standard helps organisations to work more efficiently, as it permits them to harmonise all their processes, thus making them more easy to understand. Its correct implementation helps to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce economic costs.

The new features introduced in the standard include a greater emphasis on leadership at management level. There is also an increased importance given to risk; not only the negative effect of uncertainty, but also to identify business opportunities that contribute to bottom line improvements. The standard also promotes increased efficiency in the supplier chain. It is written in simple and clear language to facilitate its application in organisations.

The main objective of the review is to facilitate the integration of this standard into other Management Systems and to ensure that these are more accessible for all types of organisations, especially in the services sector. It shares the so-called High Level Structure, common to all management standards.

Nov 142013

World Quality Day is a day when organisations across the globe come together to celebrate the value of quality. Established in 1990 by the UN, it was created to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes to national and organisational growth and prosperity. (Source).  This year it takes place today, November 14th.

Every year the Chartered Quality Institute develops a World Quality Day theme around critical issues facing business.

In Spain this year it is celebrated under the slogan “Made in Quality, Made in Spain”. The Industry Ministry and the Spanish Association for Quality, AEC, organise a workshop where experiences and good practises will be put in common. Through the following link you can access the programme. Moreover, we invite you to visit the following Twitter Hashtags, that we find very interesting #DMCalidad2013#WQD#CQI.

In AFTA, we claim that quality commitment is necessary to allow organizations and society to progress and develop.

Nov 072012

Within the framework of the XVIII European Quality Week, next 8th November will be held the International Quality Day under the slogan: “We have reached it together”

In collaboration with AENOR, AEC will hold an interesting meeting in the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry.

The objective of the act is to show how, in the current economic situation, only the companies which have transformed themselves are able to compete in such a tough situation.

You can download the complete workshop program through the following link. The attendance is free, although the capacity is limited. You can  register by fulfilling the form.

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