Our variety of tubes goes from nominal diameters of 3/8 to 6″, with inside diameters of fluid flux from 12,6 mm to 155,1, according to Standard EN 10255, coupling in the installations through threaded fittings according to Standard UNE 19.009/1 (equivalent to DIN 2999 and ISO 7/1).

The manufacturing of longitudinal welded steel tube begins with high metalurgic quality strip, forming through rolls and welding longitudinally with butt electrical welding by high frecuency.


The variety of fittings covers nominal diameters from 3/8 to 4″ and consists of more than 300 diferent pieces, being the TEE JOINTS, SOCKETS, BENDS and UNIONS the most representative. Maleable cast iron fittings are manufactured according to the Standard EN 10242.

The manufacturing of threaded maleable cast iron fittings begins with melting of burr of first metalurgic quality with the adecuate aditives for their furnace-refined, going through the teeming (filling of moldings) and desmonting, forming finally with a maleability annealing and the operations of deflashing, galvanizing and threading.


Both processes are submitted to a strict quality control. Subjects such as the raw material, the weld bead in the case of the tubes, the leaktightness, the galvanizing, the threading and others, are subject to an strict testing with the most advanced technical mediums..

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