May 272014

The 77th Euroconstruct Conferences will take place in Oslo, Norway, from 12th – 13th June. This Conference is part of biannual series of presentations on the medium-term outlook for construction in Europe. EUROCONSTRUCT is the main network for construction, finance and business forecasting in Europe. 

EUROCONSTRUCT was established in 1974 by a number of specialised research institutes and consulting organisations as a study group for construction analysis and forecasting. It has since expanded from the core group to include almost all Western European countries (the European Union and EFTA) and a number of Eastern European states (EU-Accession countries). At present, EUROCONSTRUCT has member institutes in 19 European countries.

This event addresses all those involved in construction activities: producers of building materials and equipment; construction companies; designers; architects; engineers; contractors; investors; financiers; insurers; and other related professions

You can consult the programme and register on-line here.

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