Jan 162014

We offer hereby a summary of the latest posts of 2013 in our social networks.

1.-Publication of the Worldsteel 2013 Steel Statistical Yearbook: the publication of Worldsteel Association can be downloaded through the link.

2.-Explanation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability from the blog FYFD.

3.-Steel University Challenge: we paid attention to such an especial challenge.

4.-RD 842/2013: we informed about the publication of the Royal Decree about product classification according to its fire resistance. 

5.-Hollywod Sprinkler Myths Busted: pleasant approaching to sprinkler installations.

6.-Novelties in the Technical Code: through that link you can access to the novelties published by the Spanish Ministry.

7.-Horizon 2020: How much funding is available and for what? That link offers the clues of one of the principal funding sources for innovation projects.

8.-World Standards Day 2013 Webcast: video collection about the main standardization event of the last year.

9.-The European Commission pushes the Steel Industry: that link goes over the main foreseen actions.

10.-Fire Protection Day in Cologne: it took place in December, 4th

Bonus track: we liked this video about the standardization need and the standards developing processes. 

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