May 032013

We present hereby the Top Ten of our Facebook Profile publications, during March and April 2013.

1.- Standard Days 2013: the Standard Workshop organised by CEN, took place in Brussels on April 23th and 24th. Through the link you can access to the presentations.

2.- Steel Excellence Centre: Asturias evaluates the creation of a centre to guide the politics into economic dynamism and production activity.

3.- Publication of the Royal Decree 238/2013: in April it was published the modification of the Spanish Regulation of the Thermal Building Installations.

4.- The World Steel Association has published an interesting report about the sector economic perspectives for 2013 and 2014.

5.- Workshops and Conferences for the installation sector: the Spanish installer confederation CNI has published that remarkable schedule.

6.- The University Campus of Madrid celebrated the Materials Week

7.- The White book of steel was launched as a necessary paper to understand the history of steel and iron industry.

8.- Fluid Mechanics: the scientific blog El Tamiz has launched a new tag, to facilitate the understanding of this branch of science.

9.- Steel and its competition: Naukas explains the fundamental concepts of Strength of Materials.

10.- Galvanised Steel Workshop: in March, the Spanish Association for Galvanization, offered an online workshop about protection systems against corrosion.

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