Mar 222013

The commitment of the Association with the installations quality was confirmed with the first edition of the Installation Guide, at the beginning of 1990s. The aim of that document was to provide the technician of an efficient tool which made easier the access and comprehension of the new developed standards. Some recommendations were also included, in order to prevent the pipeworks from corrosion.

In 1994, the first edition of the AFTA Handbook was published, which offered more complete information about the fittings, as well as a pressure drop study and a guide to calculate drinking water installations.

Some modifications and corrections were included in the following editions. The last one was published in 2009 and included assembly recommendations as threading and bending technologies or roll grooved ends for pipes and fittings.

Nowadays, the AFTA Handbook can be free downloaded from our website and offers a guide in the following fields:

– Physical and chemical features of the products.
– Sectors and applications.
 – Access to the standardised features of the products.
– Information about developed investigations, as pressure drops, high pressure behaviour or thermal stress behaviour.
– Guide for installations calculus.
– Recommendation for the assembly.
– Prevention from corrosion. Influence of water.

From AFTA, we would like to reassert our commitment with installations quality and therefore we will keep on working, day by day to preserve it.

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