Mar 152013

In this post it is offered a link to the most interesting publications of our Facebook profile during January and February of 2013.

1.- Summary of the year 2012: special synopsis of the most important news of 2012, according to the installations sector (as seen in Calor y Frío)

2.- Da Vinci award to the best European PhD in Fluid Mechanics: The Spanish candidate Ricardo García Mayoral was awarded by Ercoftac.

3.- Technical Conferences of the Spanish Association for Galvanization: They were held in San Sebastian on January 31st.

4.- Did you know about the first ISO standard? Through this link it is possible to find out, not only which is the ISO 1, but also an interesting application of ISO history is presented.

5.- 2012 World steel production report: This Web site offers a comparison of the anual production since 2004.

6.- 30.000 UNE Standards: More than 4.000 experts take part in the more than 200 standardization technical comittees of AENOR.

7.- Approaching Vocational Traning to Companies: The innovation centre Tknika, has developed some interesting projects to the installations sector.

8.- Steel Classification: Interesting article by the engineer Luis Manuel García.

9.- Exhibition: “ENSIDESA 1950, the birth of a Giant”: The Mining and Steel Industry Museum of Castilla y León keeps this exhibition until March 31st.

10.- Publication of the List of Standards Harmonised under the CPD: The Official Journal of the European Union published the list on February 28th.

You can access to the rest of publication by visiting our Facebook profile.

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