About AFTA


The Association AFTA is an organization which is non-commercial and whose ends are non-lucrative. It was created in 1988 by the National Companies which are manufacturers of welded steel tubes and threaded pipe fittings in maleable cast iron, with the objetive of trainning and offers free technical counselling to all professionals related with fluid conveyance installations: liquids, water, air, gas and combustible gas.


The main end of AFTA is to contribute with its daily work to the increase of the quality of the installations, both in the proyect as realization. For it, the Association’s team investigates and gives counselling about design, calculus, tests, normative, regulation, load losses and any other questions which leads to reach these objetives.

Day by day, we attempt to get that both manufacturers and prescribers and pipelayers work so that the quality and safety increase in installations be a fact.

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