May 262014

“Think Big, think Biemh”. This is the slogan for the forthcoming edition of the 28th Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIENMH), which will take place in Bilbao from 2nd – 7th of June. The campaign seeks to focus on three  objectives: “to offer a big show, with big solutions where big business can be done”.

The BIEMH International Machine-Tool Exhibition is the Europe’s third biggest trade show in this field. It features all the latest developments in machinery, tools, components and accessories, automation, metrology, quality and control, with over 1.100 exhibitors from 30 countries.

You can access the programme of activities, the technical workshops programme and the exhibitor directory. You can register here. Moreover, this year’s edition includes a blog, with a subscription feed, as well as the social network profiles, like, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

We leave hereby a summary of last edition. From AFTA we would like to invite you to take part in such an interesting event.

May 212014

Fire Sprinkler is the UK sprinkler industry’s biannual conference and exhibition. In 2014 it will take on a truly international dimension when it will be jointly hosted in London by the European Fire Sprinkler Network and the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association.

The conference programme explores three main themes: Business sustainability with sprinklers, new sprinkler technology and developments in sprinkler standards.

The organization has started an interesting news blog, as well as included a programme of the event, with the main conferences and speakers.

Due to the importance of the topic, specially according to the standardization novelties, AFTA will follow with interest this kind of events.

For further information check the twitter profile @Sprinkler2014

May 152014

The 71st World Foundry Congress will take place in Palacio Euskalduna from May 19th-21st 2014. The city of Bilbao is now a living metropolis, where the different historical, industrial and economical trends are reflected in its magnificent architectural styles.

“Advanced Sustainable Foundry” is the chosen theme of the Congress and this will serve as the starting point for the highly relevant and specialised topics covered from various technical areas. The working technical sessions constitute the main programme of the 71st World Foundry Congress, where investigators, technicians and professionals will present and exchange the results of their latest investigations and technological developments. Preliminary Programme can be consulted here.

You can register on-line here. An accommodation link has been as well included. Moreover, some interesting industrial visits have been foreseen.

May 122014

On 15 May in Brussels, the leaders of the most influential European Steel Companies will discuss amongst others about  competitiveness in Europe, where energy costs are shooting up, whereas elsewhere in the world Energy prices are declining. While the European steel industry is under threat today, climate change policy demands tons of steel for renewable generation.

“How can European policy makers develop a more balanced energy and climate policy to preserve Europe´s industrial competitiveness up to 2050?”

You can download the programme through the following link. Further information in Eurofer website.

Mar 242014

Last Saturday, 22nd March, it was celebrated the World Water Day 2014. According to the UNWATER, water and energy are closely interlinked and interdependent. Energy generation and transmission requires utilization of water resources, particularly for hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal energy sources.

Objectives of World Water Day in 2014

  1. Raise awareness of the inter-linkages between water and energy
  2. Contribute to a policy dialogue that focuses on the broad range of issues related to the nexus of water and energy
  3. Demonstrate, through case studies, to decision makers in the energy sector and the water domain that integrated approaches and solutions to water-energy issues can achieve greater economic and social impacts
  4. Identify policy formulation and capacity development issues in which the UN system, in particular UN-Water and UN-Energy, can offer significant contributions
  5. Identify key stakeholders in the water-energy nexus and actively engaging them in further developing the water-energy linkages
  6. Contribute as relevant to the post-2015 discussions in relation to the water-energy nexus.

The main celebrations of World Water Day was organized by UNU and UNIDO on behalf of UN-Water on 20-21 March 2014 and took place at the UNU Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Several international organizations, like ISO, have covered such a relevant event.

An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day.

Previous editions of World Water Days.

Mar 202014

Tube, the world leading trade fair for the tube industry will the place from 7-11 April 2014 in the Exhibition Centre of Düsseldorf, Germany.

No less than the future of the tube industry awaits over 34,500 international trade visitors: On a growing area with increasingly attractive trade fair stands, decision makers gather information on future-oriented trends concerning machinery and plant for the manufacturing and processing of tubes, forming and bending technology, tube trade and accessories as well as profile technology.

The main success factors during Tube 2012 were the  1,178 exhibitors from 48 countries, more than ever, over 34,500 international trade visitors and more than 48,000 m2 generous exhibition space.

Through the following links you can check the opening hours, prices, access information, city information and a fair plan. Moreover, it is offered a visitor information brochure. You can on-line register, as well as plan your visit.

You can check our photo gallery during the 2012 edition and the official one.

Feb 202014

The call for applications for the II Net-Zero Energy Building Congress has been opened. It will take place in the IFEMA Auditorium, Madrid, on May 6th and 7th.

The meeting will deal with the high efficiency buildings state of the art and how it affects to different sectors as construction, architecture or engineering. The aim will be to provide the participants the required technical and legal knowledge.

Through the following link you can access the reservation form. You can check the programme here.

You can get more information through the organization twitter profile.

We offer hereby a summary of one of the last year edition workshops.

Jan 312014

StandarDays is a two-day information session consisting of an introductory plenary meeting, which explains the different aspects and tasks of CEN and CENELEC and interactive, in-depth workshops. It will take place on March 24th and 25th.

The structure gives participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the overall European Standardization System and then take advantage of the CEN and CENELEC expertise to obtain further clarification and explanations.

StandarDays are aimed at all actors interested in the European standardization system: industry, consumers, administrations and government, European institutions, research centres, national standards institutes, academia, etc.

Participation is free of charge. Since there is a limited number of places, registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will close when the maximum number is reached.

Standard Days Programme.

Online registration form.

Jan 282014

The Second Congress of Comprehensive Restoration in Construction, RIEd, will take place in the Fair of Valencia on February 11th and 12th.

The congress, which has been organised by El Instalador, will focus on five areas, examining the most important aspects of heating installations, insulation, lighting, energy certification, etc. Moreover, real case studies will be solved.

AFTA will pay special attention to such an interesting event.

You can access the complete program through the following link. You can register here.

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