Jan 312014

StandarDays is a two-day information session consisting of an introductory plenary meeting, which explains the different aspects and tasks of CEN and CENELEC and interactive, in-depth workshops. It will take place on March 24th and 25th.

The structure gives participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the overall European Standardization System and then take advantage of the CEN and CENELEC expertise to obtain further clarification and explanations.

StandarDays are aimed at all actors interested in the European standardization system: industry, consumers, administrations and government, European institutions, research centres, national standards institutes, academia, etc.

Participation is free of charge. Since there is a limited number of places, registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will close when the maximum number is reached.

Standard Days Programme.

Online registration form.

Nov 052013

The Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011 was implemented on July 1st. Since then, the Association has received several enquiries about piping standardization, concretely about sprinkler installations standards.

As in previous occasions, as a response to the possible queries or doubts, AFTA Association has drawn up a notification to express its own recommendations in order to clarify which are the most suitable standards for those installations.

The notification is available in the web site section Other Publications. It can also be downloaded by clicking directly here (the notification is only available in Spanish).

Do not hesitate to send us any query come up from after reading the document. It can be done through our Contact Form or by sending us an e-mal to afta(at)afta-asociacion.com. We will be pleased to solve it.

Oct 142013

The World Standards Day takes place every 14th October. The date was selected because on 14th October 1946 took place a meeting in London where delegates from 25 States decided to create an international organization focused on facilitating standardization.

Frederica Scott Vollrath won the poster competition for this year

Although International Standardization Organization, ISO, was founded on 1947 the first World Standards Day was held in 1970. Therefore, this year the 43rd edition is celebrated.

 El mensaje lanzado este año se centra en potenciar las normas como una potente herramienta para liderar cambios positivos detallando especificaciones que consigan abrir mercados globales, permitiendo ambientes aptos para los negocios, estimulando el crecimiento económico y ayudando a mitigar el cambio climático.

Desde AFTA queremos apoyar este tipo de iniciativas, que representan el punto de vista consensuado de los expertos mundiales en los diferentes sectores industriales, que ponen su conocimiento de un modo voluntario al interés público.

We would like to leave a link to the reviews that have been published by other organizations, like ISO or AENOR, as well as to the twitter hashtag #worldstandardsday.

Dec 132012

The Spanish Architect Grouping Union (UAAAP) of the Official Architect Associations, collaborating with the Promotion Ministry, will publish in its web site the answer to the received doubts about the current regulations, which are considered interesting to the collective. These doubts should be related to the structural, fire extinguishing and accessibility regulation.

Moreover, the web site specifies the required format for the enquiries, to facilitate its comprehension and answer. It provides, as well, a contact email for its reception.

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