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UNE nos ha solicitado que demos difusión a un nuevo folleto que acaban de lanzar junto con la Federación de Consumidores y Usuarios CECU, para ayudar a los consumidores a elegir productos y servicios que cumplan las normas técnicas que garantizan su seguridad.

El folleto está disponible al público en este enlace. Si lo descargas verás que aporta información básica sobre UNE y los estándares y, a modo de ejemplo, se incluyen detalles de las normas que deben cumplir diferentes tipos de objetos que nos acompañan las 24 horas del día.


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Jun 102014

As usual, you can find bellow a list of the most interesting publications posted in our Social Network profiles.

1.- Innovation and Standardization: AENOR analyses the financing possibilities through Horizon 2020 programme.

Also recommended: 5 Ways that Standardization can lead to Innovation

2.- Hardness Tests: this article shows the different test methods for steel hardness determination.

3.- DB HR Calculation Tool: CTE website allows the download of the new application.

4.- Tube Düsseldorf and ITA: the International Tube Association analyses the German Tube Fair.

5.- Electric Arc Furnaces: IIMA explains briefly how they work.

Bonus Track:  Why protect your facility from fire with sprinklers?

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Apr 142014

We offer you hereby our regular summary of the most interesting publications of our Facbook and Twitter profiles.

1.- Steel Industry Stock Outlook – March 2014

2.- CTE HE0 and HE1 main changes.

3.- Laminar, turbulent and separated flow: Fluid Mechanics with FYFD blog.

4.- UNESID’s brand new blog: we will follow such an interesting website.

5.- 10-10 Webminars: a new service offered by CEN and CENELEC to Technical Body Officers.

Bonus track: Blasting Furnace Simulator by Steel University

Mar 062014

We offer hereby a summary of the best news that have been published in our Social Network profiles in February.

1. European Steel Industry foresees an improvement during the next two years. This article was published in Metales y Metalurgia.

2. Preventing Steel Corrosion Before Applying Paint. Mike Ziegler is the author of this article, published in Atlas Tube.

3. Templability of construction steel grades. Jominy Test. This interesting article was read in the engineering magazine Dyna.

4. CEN/CENELEC published its Work Programme 2014.

5. SICUR 2014 begins. The international security fair took place in Madrid. Here you can check out our photo gallery.

Bonus track: The best moments of Steel Challenge, organised by Steel University.

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Feb 132014

As a summary of the first month of the year 2014 we offer hereby the five most interesting news that have been published in our Facebook Profile.

1.- Steel Market forecast for the year 2014: the website Kallanish has made its own prediction.

2.- Iron scrap increases its price in January: we follow with interest the market fluctuations which offers the website Metales y Metalurgia.

3.- Confemetal reveals the lack of coordination of Spanish Goverment in its energetic policy.

4.- SICUR warms up: everything is ready for the next Fire Protection Fair, in IFEMA, Madrid.

5.- Test of Basic knowledge about water. Would you dare?

Bonus track: we loved the steel making process flash of Gerdau Chile

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Jan 162014

We offer hereby a summary of the latest posts of 2013 in our social networks.

1.-Publication of the Worldsteel 2013 Steel Statistical Yearbook: the publication of Worldsteel Association can be downloaded through the link.

2.-Explanation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability from the blog FYFD.

3.-Steel University Challenge: we paid attention to such an especial challenge.

4.-RD 842/2013: we informed about the publication of the Royal Decree about product classification according to its fire resistance. 

5.-Hollywod Sprinkler Myths Busted: pleasant approaching to sprinkler installations.

6.-Novelties in the Technical Code: through that link you can access to the novelties published by the Spanish Ministry.

7.-Horizon 2020: How much funding is available and for what? That link offers the clues of one of the principal funding sources for innovation projects.

8.-World Standards Day 2013 Webcast: video collection about the main standardization event of the last year.

9.-The European Commission pushes the Steel Industry: that link goes over the main foreseen actions.

10.-Fire Protection Day in Cologne: it took place in December, 4th

Bonus track: we liked this video about the standardization need and the standards developing processes. 

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Oct 042013

Due to the holidays the AFTA Network activity as considerable decreased. Therefore, it has been decided to include September in our traditional twice monthly news review.

We offer hereby the Top Ten social network publications:

1.-European Steel Day: promotional video of the event.

2.-Fluid Mechanics: Surface Tension: excellent job of the science blog El Tamiz, who analyses the main principles of Fluid Mechanics.

3.-What are Standards?ISOoffers an Interesting reflection how helpful standards can be.

4.-European financing help to I+R+I steel and carbon projects. You can find all the information in the suggested link.

5.-Conaif Congress 2013: the social networks have been following close, one of the most important Spanish installation congresses.

6.-On-line galvanised steel workshops: the Spanish Galvanisers Association, ATEG, organises those interesting workshops.

7.-ISO General Assembly took place in September in Saint Petersburg.

8. CEN publishes the Standard Days presentations: The traditional CEN event, Standard Days, took place in September.

9.-ENCIENDE Project: a great initiative to bring science to school.

10.-71st World Casting Congress: the congress will take place next year and has started to spread in the social networks.

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Jul 242013

As every two months, we offer you a list of the most interesting news that have been published in our Facebook profile

1.- Anti-dumping measures against steel products from China: communication of the European Steel Association.

2.- First Training Salon of Biscay.

3.- About the origin of DIN A4: interesting video about standardization in Germany.

4.- FAQ of the Construction Product Regulation, provided by the European Commission.

5.- The RD 235/2013 is already in force: about the Buildings Energetic Certification.

6.- Worldsteel in numbers: the international steel association has published the Statistics of 2012.

7.- ISO Awards: about the prizes which promotes the international standardization.

8.- Second European Standardization Summit: Copenhagen, 19th June.

9.- 71th World Casting Congress: Bilbao, May of 2014.

10.- European Steel Action Plan: declaration of Eurofer.

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May 032013

We present hereby the Top Ten of our Facebook Profile publications, during March and April 2013.

1.- Standard Days 2013: the Standard Workshop organised by CEN, took place in Brussels on April 23th and 24th. Through the link you can access to the presentations.

2.- Steel Excellence Centre: Asturias evaluates the creation of a centre to guide the politics into economic dynamism and production activity.

3.- Publication of the Royal Decree 238/2013: in April it was published the modification of the Spanish Regulation of the Thermal Building Installations.

4.- The World Steel Association has published an interesting report about the sector economic perspectives for 2013 and 2014.

5.- Workshops and Conferences for the installation sector: the Spanish installer confederation CNI has published that remarkable schedule.

6.- The University Campus of Madrid celebrated the Materials Week

7.- The White book of steel was launched as a necessary paper to understand the history of steel and iron industry.

8.- Fluid Mechanics: the scientific blog El Tamiz has launched a new tag, to facilitate the understanding of this branch of science.

9.- Steel and its competition: Naukas explains the fundamental concepts of Strength of Materials.

10.- Galvanised Steel Workshop: in March, the Spanish Association for Galvanization, offered an online workshop about protection systems against corrosion.

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Mar 152013

In this post it is offered a link to the most interesting publications of our Facebook profile during January and February of 2013.

1.- Summary of the year 2012: special synopsis of the most important news of 2012, according to the installations sector (as seen in Calor y Frío)

2.- Da Vinci award to the best European PhD in Fluid Mechanics: The Spanish candidate Ricardo García Mayoral was awarded by Ercoftac.

3.- Technical Conferences of the Spanish Association for Galvanization: They were held in San Sebastian on January 31st.

4.- Did you know about the first ISO standard? Through this link it is possible to find out, not only which is the ISO 1, but also an interesting application of ISO history is presented.

5.- 2012 World steel production report: This Web site offers a comparison of the anual production since 2004.

6.- 30.000 UNE Standards: More than 4.000 experts take part in the more than 200 standardization technical comittees of AENOR.

7.- Approaching Vocational Traning to Companies: The innovation centre Tknika, has developed some interesting projects to the installations sector.

8.- Steel Classification: Interesting article by the engineer Luis Manuel García.

9.- Exhibition: “ENSIDESA 1950, the birth of a Giant”: The Mining and Steel Industry Museum of Castilla y León keeps this exhibition until March 31st.

10.- Publication of the List of Standards Harmonised under the CPD: The Official Journal of the European Union published the list on February 28th.

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